How is it possible to fax from Adobe?

26 Feb

Traditional fax machines are rare to use but the trend of sending faxes are still in use as those machines are replaced by the cloud-based communication technology. These days, you can send faxes anywhere in the world by using your Smartphone or computer with the several online free faxing option. Adobe is such an application that can be used for sending the fax. It allows you to save the documents as a PDF form that is more acceptable for this purpose. So let's start with the experts at Adobe Customer support Canada, who make this process more feasible, so that you don't need to make any extra efforts.

  • Just hit the Adobe icon on your desktop, you can use either its illustrator or Photoshop application depending on your choice.
  • Click the "New" option followed by "File", or click the "File" and just select the "Open" option to create the new file you intended to use.
  • Save the files as a "PDF" by clicking on the "Save as" option, give a proper name and click "Save' to save the files.
  • Navigate to the faxing service such as "" or "" and subscribe for it, open an email program, go to the "Address" section and type the fax email address with the phone number.
  • Click "Attach" it will take you to the file and folder, select your file and click "Send" to send the files to the fax address. The fax will be sending in the same way as you saved it in the form of PDF.

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